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The Finest Cowhide Case for Nintendo DSi Camel Color orange stitch

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- inherited as it is the functionality of this high-quality leather case with good feel , you can use the finest cowhide higher-grade material . I've used the NINTENDO DSi case for the best luxury leather commonly used in high-quality leather jackets . You can enjoy games, etc. comfortably while feeling elegant feel .

- The design that has been carefully calculated wraps snug NINTENDO DSi the body . Ease of use is handed down enough to knock down the skill of discerning leather craftsman Takumi has put the soul . Robustness is the endorsement has done so carefully one by one .

- It is made in Japan by all handmade of course . One article that craftsmanship craftsman of the camera case manufacturer of more than 50 years was founded finish live . Leather material guarantee the quality is also handling the famous department store in Ginza . It is as an electronic notebook from stylish appearance of the game machine in the case of this cowhide .

- for dyeing leather , belt leather color guard firmly NINTENDO DSi body is not the same color as the Nintendo DSi console . Nintendo DSi body of the photo is not included in this product . NINTENDO DSi case of Roccoh brand Patent Office design registration pending

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  • NINTENDO DSi game console of the photograph is not attached.
  • Product material is best this cowhide made in Japan.
  • LR button operation possible.
  • And "pen storage space and out easily," "soft storage pocket" with.
  • The game can be played while setting the case. Wound Care and fingerprint is useless.

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Dsi stitch cover