Neodymium magnets n42 22 x3

MAGNET DIRECT Neodymium Disc/Bar Magnets 10 PACK-Industrial Strength Powerful N52-Super Strong Magnets, Rare Earth Metals for DIY Projects, Science, Garage Tool Storage, Refrigerator, Office, Crafts

Buy neodymium magnets n42 22 x3
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Magnet Direct only manufactures the highest quality neodymium magnets available. Our magnets are made with premium N52 neodymium that allows for permanent magnetization. Never worry about a magnet losing its strength! Industrial rare earth neodymium magnets provide superior power to outdated and weak ferrite versions.

Neodymium rare earth metals are heavily magnetized and known for being fragile. Our experienced design team creates our magnets 33-50 thicker than most competitors who offer 1mm and 2mm models. Added thickness creates more pull force and stabilizes the magnet for greater durability. Working utility magnets should not be used for play. Extreme magnetism causes metal objects to collide with exponential force, resulting in magnet breakage if allowed.

Our 10-piece multipack of neodymium bars and disc offers greater value and versatility. Frequently used for: Hardware tool storage, anti-slip fridge magnets, DIY projects, arts and crafts, magnetic science education, hanging objects, Automobile oil filter magnet, concealed gun storage, bottle cap catchers, Nail/pipe finder, hold car/boat covers and much more. You never knew magnets could be so handy until you experience MAGNET DIRECT POWER!

What's included:
DISC (1.26" X .12") - 5 Pieces
BAR (2.36" X .40" X.12") - 5 Pieces

Buy neodymium magnets n42 22 x3 from
  • STRONG NEODYMIUM DISC/BAR MAGNET 10 PIECE - Provides greater versatility in all your home improvement, tool storage, fridge magnets, DIY, arts and crafts, and automotive needs
  • MAGNET DIMENSION - Disc (1.26" X .12") and Bars (2.36" X .40" X .12") - Our magnets are 33-50 thicker than competitors - creating more holding power and reducing magnet breakage
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE - Premium Ni coated neodymium is permanently magnetized and provides lifetime magnetization even in the harshest conditions
  • WARNING HIGHLY MAGNETIZED - Working utility magnets should not be used for play. Do not place separated magnets in close proximity. High powered rare earth magnets collide with extreme force to other magnets or metal objects. Avoid magnet collisions with any attractable surface to reduce breakage.
  • 100 MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GURANTEE- If you're unsatisfied with our product for any reason, returns are accepted with no questions asked! Magnet Direct is a US based company providing superior customer support directly though our seller page or by utilizing Amazon's customer service policy
Buy neodymium magnets n42 22 x3 from

Neodymium magnets n42 22 x3